Having an Edge When It Comes To… Eh, Cat-Calling

HeyIf you are a woman who walks the sidewalks of cities like New York, you are undoubtedly been inconvenienced by some unwanted male attention.  Here’s what to do about it.

Most of the time, when I’m in New York to work from corporate HQs, I encounter men who explicitly hit on women, including me.  If the remarks are just intended to convey that your less desirable prospects are interested in you, however bold, but not out of line – I just smile gracefully and keep walking (fast).

There were a couple of instances, where a man would try to intentionally to make me uncomfortable.  One was (and I was very young – barely 20, I now forget the comment he made (he was a construction worker, lol – how conventional).  And I stopped and asked him if he wished my hot coffee to be spilled in his face.

The most recent incident, on the way to the gym from work (my work-armor = Banana Republic button-down shirt and a Anne Taylor Loft pencil skirt, so the legs do get sometimes [unwanted] attention.  This obviously sick man, white-middle-aged-and disenfranchised, with an eye-patch…. As he was passing me, he said:

“Stupid, put some pants on.”

Relying on my recent martial arts training, I gave him a look, intended to telepathically ask him:

“Do you want to lose the other eye?”

I remember walking home late to my sister’s East Village apartment.   And she asked me why I walk so slow, given how late it was.  Idk, I didn’t feel threatened, and if a situation arise – I felt my killer-adrenaline, coupled with my ‘recent martial arts training’ gave me some sense of “I can do it – subdue a perpetrator”.

I so encourage all ladies out there to take at least some martial arts class, if only for out of curiosity.  When my sister was back where I lived, for some reason I thought a quality sister-time could be a jujitsu class at a local university gym.  She looked like she was horrified when guys began to practice before it even started, and wanted to leave – “I’m not a fighter; I don’t have it in me”, she said.

Then, we practiced some moves, under the instructor’s supervision.  And at the end of the class – sparring.   She just wanted to watch, but not partake [for the record – I behaved the same my first class there].  My sparring with this more advanced girl was… well boring.  I didn’t let her put the Ezekiel choke on me, so I just grabbed on to her collar for 10 straight min, as she was trying.  {Needless to say – my fingernails were broken half-way, hinging on super-glue).

My sister, seeing me and this girl, decided she wanted to try herself – God bless the other girl, cause I was exhausted…  And my sissy was the star of the show – she put chokes on her the instructor only explained, and that was her 2nd jujitsu class ever.  She got her fair share too, which made everyone giddy about the entertaining combat.  We both left the class feeling – wow, that’s not something you usually do: roll around with another person for victory.  We were both happy to let the tigress out.

Let your Tigress out!  🙂

Yours Truly,


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