How To Get Over The Ex-Boyfriend When You’re Still In-Love With Him

How To Get Over The Ex-Boyfriend When You’re Still In-Love With Him

Ok, there’s a lot of advice out there on how to mend a broken heart.  After our sweet ‘a-hole’ dumped us, more than anything we would like is to re-connect.  However, with each passing day it seems we hurt more and more while the resolution seems less and less of a probability.  What a girl to do?

Here are some tips [though presented lightly, are perfectly serious, and taken from a personal experience].  Some are no-brainers, some are a bit controversial,  so can use your own judgment.

Do’s and Don’ts:

  1. Do not – Indulge In Carbs, Ben&Jerry’s And Romantic Comedies. All those things may bring short-term comfort [if they do… never for me].  You are hurt… but no one wants to simply add extra lbs.  There’s a “better” [or worse] ways to raise that dopamine…
  2. “Do” [disclaimer: it’s entirely up to your judgment] Start Smoking, Or Vaping. Nicotine, although a pesky compound,  can act like a stimulant/sedative and remove all cravings for the beyond-mentioned things, thus keeping you (or leading you) into a great shape – no gym necessary.
  3. Do Hit The gym. but if like me – you are bored to death at the thought of going on treadmill…. No worries. Take a martial arts class (some [college] gyms will offer them with no commitment, so just show up).  Swinging the wooden katanas  will make you feel like you can kick some ass, plus martial arts is a great way to discipline your mind.
  4. Do Wear ‘Make Up & Hair” At The Gym. You never know what cuties are lifting their weights while checking you out.  You’re always prepared and will stand out from the ‘regulars’.  You look good at office, party, or at the gym – no matter the occasion.  People will notice.  😉
  5. Do Not! Go On A Vacation/Getaway — changing the scene may seem like a good thing to do, but who wants to be standing on the romantic beach, broken-hearted, observing happy honey-mooners?  Even with friends… (you’ll always wish there’d be romance in this setting).
  6. Do Not Go On A Shopping Spree. Bright store lights and upbeat music is a seductive way for some to pass their time.  But you don’t want to blow a month’s of your salary on random stuff.  There’s a better way…
  7. Do Spontaneously Buy A Ridiculously Expensive [On 70% Sale] Piece Of Jewelry. I went out for lunch in NYC and it cost me $1,600 (original price?  Allegedly $6.500).   I never buy jewels, but this particular piece ‘spoke to me’ – a waterfall necklace of Aquamarine (estimated weight 1lb).  Even though it’s subtle enough to wear to work, I get compliments wherever I go.  I’m an astrological water-sign, so it balances me.   Look out for something special enough to you – you will never regret it!
  8. DO BUY SHARON ARGOVE’S “WHY MEN LOVE [MARRY] BITCHES”. These are life changing books that, as my sister said [I got 2 of them for her birthday] : “where was this BITCH before?”.  If the title offputs you  – don’t let it.  These books are like discovering a map of a foreign country —  and you deserve that!
  9. Do ‘Break Up’ with your Ex, Via A Memento-meme. If he has a good sense of humor – he may appreciate your Witt, if he doesn’t – just keep it for yourself.  [P.S.  I sent the following meme to my ex’s brother, whom I thought we had a good standing.  He came back at me saying “You need to move on.” And I said “No sense of humor.” So, play it by ear, as you will.
Break up with your Ex...Man!
Break up with your Ex…Man!
  1. Now, When Women Get Strong – men can’t help but feel attracted to us. They are soooooo ‘saddled’ with responsibilities day-to-day.  They will never communicate it, but they feel it and get the ‘I gotta escape’ syndrome.  This is so unsavory – I empathize….
  2. Just read, if you can Sharon Arogov’s book [I thought of starting a non-profit, lol, to make it available to all ladies.] There’s no magic bullet – just a lucky arrow. J

Sincerely yours,


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