My Quote Challenge – Day 1 of 3

First, thanks you VeiwsOfVenus for the honor of being nominated.  Your quote is very inspirational, an so true!  It was kind of a ‘muse’ for me too, that I would like to elaborate  on the subject of success and failure.

I somehow gotten the Meme-bug  (before, I used to think they were silly), but I have a new appreciation for this “art-form” 😉  — part joke, part theater, always [the good ones] relevant.

So here’s my quote du jour:


As my ‘adopted Rich Dad’ – Robert Kiyosaki* wrote in his books:  You have to be willing to Fail 9 times out of 10, if you want to succeed.  Sure, he meant this in Biz-world context, but the learning-curve is something we have to embrace, despite frustration it causes.  And then, voila – you made it happen!  Congrats will flow, etc..  And everyone assumes you’e either ‘lucky’ or ‘talented’.  😉

Another thing my ‘adopted Rich Dad’ alludes to, is that Failure makes you feel bad…. Because, the conventional upbringing and the school systems punish you for making mistakes.   However, in the real world – this is how we learn.

In fact, being shy at making cold calls at Xerox Corp., R. Kiyosaky got a part-time non-profit job, where he could “Fail faster” to get closer to Success, and he did.

(* Disclaimer: I’m not endorsing R.K. — he did get some bad press;  but I found his books very educational and useful.  Just You-tube them as ‘audio-books’, and don’t sign up for his costly seminars. 😉  )

Never let the ‘Fear of Failure’ have be a deciding vote – in all aspects of your life: including work and love-life.  Speak up for what you Deserve!  And if someone is hell-bent on keeping your from your true place of Success?  [Like a magic trick – there’s a way to turn around your ‘nemico’ into a co-operative force.]   I will surely wright a post about this almost ‘magical power’ I first discovered I had, while just doing my daily bread-job. 😮

Cheers to all the Goddesses of Olympus here,


2 thoughts on “My Quote Challenge – Day 1 of 3

  1. I love your quotes and am very glad I nominated. You took the challenge to a whole new level with such well thought out descriptions of your choices. Glad I could be your ‘muse’.

    All the best x


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