My Quote Challenge – Day 2 of 3

When I first heard the quote I’ll reveal below… It had a profound impact on me (and I had no clue it was by Ben Franklin  😮 ).

ben franklin

The message is almost ‘cryptic’, isn’t it?  But it reminds us, that once we are sucked into a myopic routine of our daily existence – saddled with a revolving pattern of jobs, bills and other responsibilities [often imposed on us from the outside], we do in a way seize ‘living’ and are merely ‘existing’ in this world.

How many times a day do you ask your self:  “Am I happy?”  If there are truly genuinely and consistently happy people out there – most of us would envy them.  However, I would bet 1 ‘ben franklin’   😉 that these people are a scarce minority.  Most of us do feel happiness and the feeling of being ‘alive’, but those moments are short-lived.  A new blossoming relationship, a promotion, a vacation – the things that make us ‘high on life’ do not bring us to that permanent bliss of being ‘alive’;  we usually revert back to the monotony of ‘existence’.

So how do we revive our selves?

We wish we could just wake up from this Matrix-like life, but not sure how (though it feels like it’s just at the tip of our tongue)…  If any of you out there have suggestions, please do share.

Yours Truly,


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