It Is Not Marriage, It Is Divorce That Will Become Obsolete

expiraton tastes greatIf you’re confused, please bear with me for a sec…

An acquaintance recently recommended a book to me – How to Stop Smoking the Easy Way.  As I began reading it, I wondered…  Ehhh, do I really want to quit?  Paradoxically, my best “revelations” came to me, as I would light up a Nat Sherman’s.

A male friend of mine recently alluded to ‘marriage = death’, and I agreed with that.  It seems more and more that the conventional marriage is becoming less of an attractive destination for our fast-moving lives today.  We all have this deep-seated hesitation of ‘ending up with the wrong person’ and, let’s face it – divorce is quite unpleasant.  But I also do not believe every person is destined to stomp this earth alone, without a reliable partner.  We are wo/men, and we quite like each other’s  reliable company.   With me, so far?

I’d like to believe that my ‘psychic abilities’ are growing and I won’t even charge you $2/min. for what I’m about to reveal… (dismiss, if you like – no judgment),  but as I was ‘meditating’ on the subject of marriage (and lighting up my Nat Sherman’s), something hit me!

The future of marriage will be different.  It will re-form, putting the divorce lawyers out of the cushy business. 😉

I got a ‘sense’ that in the near future, the marriage will less of a ‘buy’ and more like a ‘lease’ contract.  E.g. – You and I are married (great!), but our marriage license (like all other licenses today) will expire in 1 yearr, or other pre-determined time-frame.  After 1 year, we ask each other: “still want to be married to me?”.  If “Yes!”, then we book our annual honeymoon (yeay!).   If the sentiment is more along the lines of “Jeez, I can’t stand this person; thank goodness I have only 4 months to go.” Then, the marriage will expire and be nulled.  No messy divorce, no division of assets (it depends, perhaps only those that count ‘during’ the marriage).

If this were to be the future… would this scare you or make you at ease?  Let me know your thoughts.

Yours Truly,


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