My Quote Challenge – Day 3 of 3

For my final day of challenge, I selected a quote by Henry Ford:



(Couldn’t resist the ‘second’ one — it’s a matter of formality really, Lol).

It may seem strange that it is Ford that would be mentioning air-planes (more fit for the Wright Brothers), however this captain of industry had many obstacles to overcome – one of them is: he was banned from first manufacturing his car design, as someone else owned the patent on the ‘auto-mobile’.  Imagine that?  Never the less, he challenged the patent owner to a race (according to the Men Who Built America series) and his design won the race.

Henry Ford reminds us, that it is when adversity is presentwe experience our growth, not when things are flowing smoothly and we can take the path of least resistance.  So, find courage to act in the face of fear of uncertainty, and even if you fail 9 times out of 10 (See my Day 1 quote), you will be handsomely rewarded and leave your nay-sayers in the dust.

Ladies and Gentlemen – start your motors!


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