The Dark Triad is Not the Only Game in Town


Again, I read a fellow-WordPress blogger’s post on the Dark Triad individuals [ Narcissism – Psychopathy-Machiavellianism] and how these people are revered and succeed in all areas of life (especially with the opposite sex), written ever so expertly by the IllimetableMan.

This got me curious… as one comment was: “So what happens when the Dark Triad Man and Dark Triad Woman get together?”

The IllimetableMan replied: “Sparks fly. You get a very intense relationship where two people have this perverse high octane kind of love, but can’t stop abusing the shit out of each other mentally.”

As I taxed my memory, I realized I know/knew at least 2 of these Dark-triad men.  One – an Italian-stallion at a former toxic employment (29 at the time).  The other – (gasp) my martial arts instructor (well over 40).

So, before I dive into these characters, a thought hit me – in the archaic cryptic message “As above, so below”:  I knew the Dark Triad had to have its mirror-opposite(s).  So, I propose the Blue Triad and the White Triad (you can read on the Black Triad from the Il-Man himself:) ):

Ok, back to the Dark characters of the wounded psyche Triad (Black)…  The Italian Stallion I worked with [gosh his good looks have corrupted him beyond hope].  It didn’t take me long to realize that his “pleasant” and “attentive” demeanor was just a ‘hook’ to feed of my emotions.  At the time – (in a small firm), I was the only girl in Operations, he was an Account Executive (Sales’ guy).  As more females were hired, this was his play-ground.  [In fact – I stopped watching TV; this was the best running daily show!].   In a predictable fashion – the Stallion charmed me, tried to use me for my ‘money-making’ skills and sex, of course.  When none of it panned out – he went’ iceberg’ on me.  So, when another girlswas hired [who first dressed like a camp-counselor], and I watched to go form that to dressing like she’s going to a club?!  I pulled her aside and said: [You know, be careful… He’s only after what he can get.]  She brushed me off, of course… until some weeks later, she came to my cube and said: “I know what you meant about C*****s!”, and she was back to her old style.

Funny thing, he once went out of his way to holler at this girl, completely ignoring me (at the printer, between them).  So the next day, I walked into his cube, as I needed addition paperwork from his newly-landed client.  So, it’s 9am, I need 2 Red Bulls to wake up…. I’m sipping on one, as I’m talking biz with him [yet, only 3 of 4 fingers are holding the can and waving it in front of his face, as I’m appearing sleepy and mundane], the middle finger is extended (get the drift?)], LOL.  The look on his face was priceless!!!

He was your ‘garden-variety’ asshole, disguised as a white knight.  I often observed him in the board room meetings, and how he could have every man and woman hang on his every word, I was amazed at his skill, but I knew what he was… –  a psychopath.  And as he ‘used’, ‘toyed’ and ‘abused’ his less discerning coworkers [the CEO was a also a psychopath, and abused him the most, btw], people would simply ignore him and never speak up.

The Moment I Gave Him: “I Know What You Are” Look…

Upon exposing his Mr. Hyde-side, people would revolt, be embarrassed and silent…  Not me… I was determined to beat him at his own game, not out of hostility, but out of a curiously competitive feeling that I haven’t  experienced in a long time.   Needless to say – he met a worthy adversary.

The Dark Triad meets The Blue Triad

They are both ‘worthy adversaries’, but where’s the Black Triad believes in its inborn dominion – the Blue Triad are the ‘champions for Good’, and will fight to bring down their enemies.  Contrast it with the White Triad, which is generally conflict-averse and is peace-seeking.

The Dark Triad traits you can look up on Il-Man’s site:

The White Triad traits are as follows:

White triad

The natural ‘prey’ for the Dark ones, don’t you agree?

However, the Blue Triad looks like this:

Blue triad

We have a strong sense of Justice, the perceptive powers of the Dark ones, and we are willing to fight them… till the end.

[The ‘Blue’-term I selected, based on (cough) Archangel St. Michael’s mantle-color, the ultramarine, as he’s wielding his sword to cast Lucifer into the depth of the Earth].

So how did I ‘beat’ the Italian Stallion at his own game?  I’m a quick learner.  I picked up on what he was up to – and delivered it right back to him… with compounded interest. 😉 Oddly enough – he seemed to have a ‘special respect’ for me, once he knew I was on to him.  And there was a definite sexual chemistry,  that never was acted upon, as we both knew we’d destroy each other.  On my final day at the company – [cause I got a miraculous job offer, compared to that hell-hole]… he totally faked a sudden “client meeting” and didn’t come back after lunch — being close to the big Boss, he knew it was my final day, as he told me [ I didn’t know it yet officially].  Which is weird — I said plenty well-wished good-byes to people I was half-fond of.  But this seems so over-the-top on his behalf.

Onto the Next Chapter

My current martial arts instructor at a local university… First, he looks every part of an ex-con.  Second, he has this tendency, as I observed to be excessively rough with his students – demonstrating his dominance, until they ‘tap-tap’ for mercy in pain.

As the Fall 2015 semester started – I was excited to be training again.  To my surprise, the ‘community class’ [as I’m not a college-kid since 2008] consisted of 3 people – me, a young guy [who left early] , and a guy in wheel-chair.  The Instructor announced we’d be studying Samurai weapons [yeay!!!].

Exept, he kept provoking me with his foam-cased baton: “hit me on the head!”.  So I’ll ceremoniously do so.  And each time, he’d retaliate bolder and bolder – until… the baton hit me on my eye-brow!  I was pissed, and said “ouch!”.   As a complete reflex, in a following split-second I raised my baton and hit him on the head as hard as I could… he then said “ouch!”.  [Well – he literally asked for me to hit him on the head….]

So, then, of course – as a psychopath would…. He’d try to minimize the situation: “Did you really think I mean to hurt you?”   I said, staring intensely deeply into his eyes [something the Blue Triad can do without hesitation]: “Yes!  I know what you are..  And, I’m watching you”. (Followed by threats of law-suits, etc…)

Note again, I said “I know “what” you are, not “who” you are”, this is important – it implies they are not fully human as they masquerade.

The next class?  There were only 2 females that showed up.  With me, being the first to start the class…. After the foam-baton-experience, I went to NYC and purchased 2 wooden Katanas (just in case he asked me to hit him on the head again, he should really mean it. 😉 ).  Instead, he was excited, and properly showed me how to fight with the Samurai swords.  Go figure, what a turnaround occurs, when a psychopath needs to hold on to their mask?  He didn’t attempt any shit with me again.

Disclaimer: “If your’e a danger to society — give me one court-passing evidence….[too feisty to elaborate, but you get it].

Bottom Line for the Blue Triad:  You have a strong sense of Justice, you are extremely perceptive, you are a formidable enemy and yet you fight for Good.  You are a Champion, along Perseus and Heracles.  You are the world’s hope, to wield your sword and cast the Dark ones into the abyss.  Above all — trust your instincts.

Yours Truly,


One thought on “The Dark Triad is Not the Only Game in Town

  1. “So what happens when the Dark Triad Man and Dark Triad Woman get together?”

    They get married, little brother. Nothing holds the interest of a Dark Triad Man than a woman who is his match across the three facets of the diamond.

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