Why Men Just Don’t Get It

It’s because… they do, even better than us, human females. [Pardon for the “deceptive” title, but it was necessary and some of the information here may be hard for some ladies to accept.  Just know – I am with you.]

Get it

I see so many women, unhappy in their relationships, complaining about how men ‘just don’t get it’ [aka – what a woman’s needs are in a relationship].  Once-upon-a-time a Hopeless Romantic, turned into an inconsiderate, forgetful, dismissive, ignoring, ‘go-with-his-flow’ kind of chump.

Ever wondered: What’s Up With That?

No, he hasn’t undergone a brain surgery or been abducted by aliens…  The truth maybe too bitter a pill, to be honest – the guy is being his ‘self’.  Now, I put that in single quotations, to emphaticize that he’s neither being who he pretended to be at the beginning [his higher self – SuperEgo] nor is he being his true self [Ego – that ship has sunk ages ago, just ask Freud].  What you are dealing here is the ‘third kind’ – the pure primitive yet intelligent Id.  To clarify, when people refer to ‘male fragile ego’ – it is ‘fragile’ because it is his own constructed personality that was built like a brick-wall with no mortar.  Moving on…

Why Men Get Into Relationships In the First Place

Why would a man [the self-reliant homo-sapient] would form a ‘relationship’ with a woman, if ‘just sex’ is abundantly available now-a-days 24/7?  Let it sink in for a bit…  Still with me?

The answer is that a Man [particularly a young one] needs/wants a Woman to simply ‘Feel Good’.  That’s it – plain and simple.  A man chooses a woman that makes him feel good in her company (but you’ve been notified of this before, of course).

Now, think of the time a man made you ‘feel so good’ in his presence… I’ll wait 😉   It felt wonderful, didn’t it?  So, why the sudden shift? […tempted to use ‘shit’ 😉 ]

If You Believe in Cinderella-Type Endings, I Do Not Recommend You Continue – The Truth May Be Too Much

 [To come clean – I teared up at the latest Cinderella-movie, cause I knew that BS would never be real in life.  Think about it – the inexperienced Prince “must” marry before his daddy goes to a ‘better place’, if he is to take the Throne.  Was Cindy‘s timing just plain luck?  Food for thought…].

 Men get into relationships, cunningly planning it to serve their needs.  Sure, at first they’ll dazzle you to hook you in.  And once the ‘chase’ is over and they have you – they begin an insidious process of lowering your expectations of them, so they get a free ride.  This process involves button-pushing, conditioning, and subtle manipulation.

The Nature of Path of Least Resistance

The above is the rationale for why men do what they do.  They want to train you to receive less, while you are giving more.  [Does this echo your current/past relationship dynamic?]

But you need not be unhappy, repeating this pattern over and over… In my next post, I will deal with how to handle this crap like a true wonder-Woman you are.  How to find empowerment and how to deal with men’s ‘B/S-tests’ just to see what they can get away with.

Yours Truly,


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