Do People Reject You For Looks?

It’s a sensitive topic; and mostly subjective  – what’s beautiful to one person may not be so for the other…


I Had a Recent Experience:

I went to the clothing shops and saw the same unflattering, cheaply-made fashions… So I went to JoAnn’s Fabrics shop and picked out a pre-rushed 3yrds that literally took 3 stiches to make a dress.  Now, with 1 stich – it would be your generic ‘tube-dress’.   But I like the sleeves, so sew the sleeves that doubled as a‘mantle’, which moved with the air ,in an unfortunately for me – some sort of a ‘regal fashion’ as I was told , when all I did was to add the sleeves to a tube-dress that took 2 machine stiches – so I left the mantle+sleeves that reached the ground.

Long story short, whenever I wear this ‘DIY-dress’,

I get 2 reactions: either the cars stop for me to cross the street, with one older gentleman-acquaintance that stopped his bike at the intersection, so I could cross in time, yelling: “hurry up, goddess” (and some lady-compliments, with whom I humbly share how easy it was to make the dress)

Or, I get stone-looks from women and men alike.  Even from my acquaintances also… For no apparent/brought to light reason.

So, I Googled if People Didn’t Like Women Who Look Good

Funny enough – there’s much material out there;  but it answered my question as: Yes.  And I encourage you to research furhter…

Women are threatened (apparently) if they perceive a female of a greater beauty.

Men are angered by the same; for them – it’s a tease.

None seem to understand that it’s not a social competition – this is why I don’t have FaceBook in the first place.  F-Book is not for me.


If you ever find yourself ‘threatened’ by another woman – chill.   She’s not judging you at all – she likely has the ‘I’m not the ‘Fairest of them all’ complex to battle — all on her own.   She is not competing with you for social/mate reward.    Just shrug her off, and remember that you’ve got great breasts (hair, etc.. – no one can have it all)

Some women try to over-compensate on looks (extreme example: plastic surgery), with me – I just wore a floor-length dress that people don’t usually see, (off the shoulder, yes) but in no way trashy.  And the ladies, specifically, gave me the cold shoulder.


I can only imagine what you think of a woman you see on the street, that’s attractive to you.  Nevertheless, I also experienced some very cold shoulders (not that I cared much) from men.   While some seemed to enjoy the sight of my DIY dress, as that’s not they see every day.  Those who were cordial – I felt appreciative towards.

Bottom line:

Why does a single article of a non-provocative clothing (yes, ok – I wanted it to be simple for the summer; it’s rayon fabric; took me 10 min to make itt; and yes, admittedly, it looks a tiny-bit-‘aristo’, cause I kept the fabric space with the floor-length sleeves and all) but why would it have such an impact?  I come from a family (on mom’s side) of dress-makers, so why is it an ‘irritant’ to the general society.  Are some people really that shallow??

Please post your comment below.

Yours truly,





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