Shit Tests – a Commentary on the Il-Man

Shit tests


I’ve recently stumbled (again) on the Illimitable Man’s post on ‘Shit Test Encyclopedia’.

The Illimitable Man is plenty insightful and he’s earned my respects in many ways…

Here’s the Link to his article:

From my own humble psyche/experience – that’s quite a misdirection to otherwise good men.

My Experience:

 I’ve been both attracted to the “confident” [arrogant] a-holes, as well as good-natured guys.  The problems always seemed to arise when my male specimen would feel ‘he owes me something’, and so vice versa, of course…

Rebuke #1 – Women Shit Test You To See If Your Worth Having Sex With

Unless you’re going for a lone ‘bar-girl-regular’ – chances are she’s not evaluating your mating potential then and there…  The Il-Man implies that your game solely determines whether or on not you get the sex.  That is 90% not true; the lady wants to know if you’re ‘good in the sack’/ and ‘trust-worthy’.

Moreover, any question such as ‘I bet you said this to most ladies / I bet you have a girlfriend’ is a sign of flirting – not a Shit Test.   If you adhere to the Il-Man’s wisdom = you lose; because in reality = no girl wants an asshole, just like no man wants an angry smart-mouthed bitch.

So, it’s not a real ‘Shit Test’, she just wants to be assured you’re ‘for real’ (or not) – be sweet to her, and she’ll likely open up like a flower.   See, men [I’m reading the Homer’s ‘Iliad’] are too ummmm…. Can’t say it in any placid way – are not smart, In The Iliad at least…  It’s the Men who have all the power-struggles between them [who’s got a bigger !@W$.]

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon – All Greek to Us (Ywan):

Dudes of the World, realize  that we don’t test, nor care, for your male posse status [aka: prince / stable boy] (in fact – we luster after the stalbe boy rather than the prince).   And when we ask you to get us coffee [as the Il-Man described as a ‘Compliance Shit-Test’], we just want to feel that you care about us… to get us a cup of coffee, which makes you so endearing to us, a true provider and a man that can take care of his woman – it has nothing to do with the “power games” what’s so ever, we hate those games

As a Woman:

Who earns a decent living; shoots bow and arrows etc.., and from time to time takes the Gentlemen’s’ money in Texas Hold ‘Em – there’s no REAL divide of ‘Alpha/Beta’ men.  There’s simply an attraction.  To propose that  a man should ‘act’ a certain way is preposterous.  Alpha = asshole (as Il-Man recommends); Beta = ???.  Sorry, the ‘Greeks’, dont’s mean much to the Ladies, as they do to the men.  We just want to share ths short glorious life with a dude…

I can only advise that only a handful of those “a-hole” responses will grant you success.  If you’re faced with a women, with a common sense – you’re ‘road-kill’.

So I guess – pick them wisely, but even then – If I’m across the bar, and some guy tries to take some advanced  ‘Game” =  game on!  

(For more clarity, look up Chateu Scene – Matrix Reloaded — “Still, only human.”]  (At some point I will master the Sais.)  Cheers!

With Love for All of you, my dearest







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