Why Do Men Misinterpret Female Politness as ‘Sexual Interest’?


Can the ‘older’ dudes be so gullible, or just plain dumb (when it comes to the matters of the heart – NOOOOO, I hope NOT!!)… I.e, the ladies, we’re taught to be polite and friendly.  So how come so many men from age of 19 to 69 simply assume and get their unrealistic fantasies rationalized, when we are just being that – simply polite – we smile, acknowledge their presence, and hope they go back to their usual routines…

I had a personal experience, with an older [elderly man who would ‘take from me emotionally’ – he could me my grandfather – gross!!!] , because we had a conversation once or twice – he admitted that he had “no problem” with my age…  I, on the other hand could smite him… what a superfluous thing to regard?  Others do not ‘exist’ simply for you pass-time!

Hello?  I’m a third of your age!  I’m baffled, mystified and angry at this sick phenomenon.   So here’s my ‘State of the Union’ Address:

“My fellow – Eligibles.  The by-gones are trying to live through you.  Do not let them.  They had their chance at happiness, but they blew it.  This is now our time; we look towards the future not the past.”

Why ddi the old men, to whom I just was polite….see me as a potential ‘love interest’  [I only was polite], and to ‘ease’ the tension, I said:  we have a huge age-difference (hoping  he’d call back his horses)…  Instead, he made it a point that the ‘age difference’ does not mean much to him much as it does to me…[now – I just find him plain gross for the failure of understanding…]

3 thoughts on “Why Do Men Misinterpret Female Politness as ‘Sexual Interest’?

  1. Glynbawden, thank you for your comment.

    Sometimes it seems so easy and refreshing to talk to the kind of men who’s on top of the topics such as ‘current affairs’, than his younger guys counter-parts, who are more likely to go in the shut-down mode. I would like to be a ‘conversationalist’, (and who doesn’t like a nice conversation?) without being mis-interpreted as a potential mistress/wife #3/ perpetual Gf… but I do hear you. Older men want female attention, too. Luckily, if all speak their truth — there’ll be no potential for hurt or misunderstanding.


  2. The reason for that Alessante is that men are complete idiots. I’m a man so I know how we work. I’ve had this conversation with my 25 yr old stepdaughter when she confided in me and said she liked so-and-so.’How do I get him to realise?’ she asked. ‘Say something to him.’ I said. ‘Anything, ask him the time or something.Most men are so stupid they think that every time a woman speaks to them it is because they are interested in them.’ It’s a sad but true fact regrettably.


    1. Hi Glynbawden, thank you for your comment. I’m not the one to sincerely fuel what is referred to as the ‘gender-wars’: both are deserving of respect and understanding. However, I do play the ‘Devil’s Advocate’, for the sake of looking at the other side of the coin.

      Funny enough, I was in a position of your step-daughter: this handsome man in overalls that I see frequently at a local coffee shop… Once, I politely interrupted him and his friend and tried to be humorous, stating that his gray overalls reminded me of the original Ghostbusters. Then I asked him (what I thought was a flirty Q ): “What is it that you do that requires a Ghostbuster uniform?”

      Unfortunately, he replied: “Ghostbusting.” and pulled a face. He avoids any further interaction/ignores me ever since. Even after the incident I kept saying a casual ‘hey’ when I’d bump into him, but he’d ignore it time and time again. So I gave up. The sad part is, paraphrasing Jane Austen’s ‘Persuasion’: “We are now less than strangers, for we cannot be aquainted again.”


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